After 6 years away

After 6 years in the abyss The mighty Comms will take to the stage once more!


Back in 2003 The Communicators started life as a covers band, playing all the standards and having a corking time in the process! however after a couple of years doing covers the first ever Communicators original track leapt from this band with ferocious skanktastic purpose! That song was 'Bangin on the wall' influenced by a comms gig away in Ilfracombe where the band were kept awake all night by unbelievable noises from one of the guests! on inspection in the morning however the hotel only had the Comms staying and still to this day the phantom shagger of old Ilfracombe is still unidentified!


Wind forward 6 months and the decision was taken to record a debut album - 'Care in the Communicators' - 16 tracks of pure energy and excitement, the band took off from that point!


A headline slot on the Crossaint Neuf stage at Glastonbury festival came and went and so did most of the members of the band and The Comms mark 2 was born!


This line up only knew being an original band (with a few classics around for their own pleasure) and a prestigious slot at Womad festival & Boomtown we highlights of this highly energetic BritSka band!

Personal changes in life and some spilt milk meant that until mid 2018 the beast lay dormant however now, armed with 16 new skanktastic tracks and the follow up album ' Frankie Howerds Slippers!' to carry them this third wave of Communicators are ready to take to the stage and bring this joy back to the masses (at least 10 of you!)

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