BritSka is the Comms and the Comms are BritSka


Its 25 years since Britpop, and 40 years since Two Tone and the last real music scene that meant more than great music! 

It was a lifestyle, a way of life and an attitude that hasn’t been replicated since!


However, if Suggs was to bump into Ian Dury, Damon Albarn ,Ray Davies and  the Gallagher brothers  and embark on a dance craze through Punk, Ska, Two Tone and Brit pop you'd have The Comms! 


The transition was obvious and the intent born out of a desire to have their own voice.


Not content with banging out fantastic songs penned by greats of yesteryear the Comms set about creating their own destiny with poetic determination!



The Comms are a blend of harmonious, brass drenched Ska and Riff driven guitar pop  - a mix of Madness and Blur esc popism,  Guitar riffs that harp back to The Kinks  and cleverly crafted lyrics that Mr Ian Dury himself would be happy to have penned. 


However, this is merely a wink at the past, and very much a cheeky grin into the future!  

Rather than hide from their influences, The Comms  irreverently revel in them! 


The sound is vibrant, jumping and a little bit cock sure of itself and yet Mitch’s lyrics add to the feel of better times ahead!


 It’s unmistakably British , playful, obvious where it needs to be yet unafraid of going into unexpected places when the mood takes em!


So who are the Comms? 

It’s time to find out!

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